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Frequently asked questions
Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about laser teeth whitening. If you have any questions that are not included here, please do not hesitate to call us

How much does the treatment cost?
We are always running special promotions so click here for update prices.

What is the difference between laser and trays?
The laser system is a fast and efficient way of whitening the teeth and the whole process is carried out in one visit and in one hour. The trays are another system of whitening the teeth but require you to sleep in the trays for 14 consecutive nights whilst you sleeping. This requires dedication and discipline and greatly increases the chances of your getting sensitivity.

Is it the same as Zoom?
Zoom is brand of teeth whitening that is similar to our system but like many well known brands you can end up paying a premium for the brand name!

Does it hurt?
In most cases customers feel no discomfort during or after the treatment other than some customers can get minor sensitivity.

What do I need to do after the laser treatment?
Check out our after diet page which can advise on the items to consume and avoid after teeth whitening.

Can the treatment all be done in one session?
Yes the big benefit of laser whitening is that the treatment can be undertaken in just one session and you can away from one our clinics with an amazing new smile

Does it hurt the enamel?
Laser teeth whitening has been going a lot longer in the USA than in the UK but there is no research to prove any damage is done to the enamel. Ultima teeth whitening only source the best quality of whitening gels which are ce approved assuring top quality every time.

How long does the treatment last?
After the treatment assuming your lifestyle does not change that created the staining then somewhere between 18-24 months is an average you can enjoy the benefits of your new smile.

Does Laser teeth whitening work on veneers, crowns, bridges and fillings?
Laser teeth whitening will remove any surface staining that might sit on the outer surface of veneers, crowns, bridges and fillings but unlike natural teeth that are porous the process will not remove the deeper compacted staining.

Why is Ultima much cheaper than my dentist
Essentially there are three reasons Ultima is cheaper than a local dentist.

  1. We do not have the larger overheads of a local dentist and therefore pass those savings on to our customers.
  2. We purchase large quantities of teeth whitening products and therefore can drive down the prices from the suppliers
  3. A dentist cannot afford to take away two hours from his everyday dental work and charge the type of prices that Ultima charge.

How many shades will my teeth whiten?
This ranges from one individual to another but we have never failed to whiten anyones teeth by less than four shades with many customers achieving ten to twelve shades.

How does it work?
By painting the teeth whitening gel on the teeth the laser oxidises the gel, opens the pours of the enamel which then releases the staining. This cycle is repeated until the staining is removed from the enamel.

How long does a treatment take from pre-consultation to post consultation?
From pre-consultation to post consultation the whole process takes around one hour and forty minutes.


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Good Job

I was highly disappointed when people at a wedding pointed out that my teeth are so ugly and that why I don’t get a treatment done. That day changed my life completely and I seriously took an action. Could not believe it can be this quick, easy and economical. The results are unbelievable!

– Mark