Ultima White Kirtlington - Mobile Smile Whitening Clinics

Reason 1

Yes in just one 60 minute laser teeth whitening session you will see noticeably different and whiter teeth from Ultima White guaranteed and amazing.


Reason 2

We offer a safe non peroxide whitening system which provides you with a white smile without the pain of sensitivity and having to wait weeks for the results.


Reason 3

With laser teeth whitening the big benefit is the instant results you see in just one 60 minute treatment. Results last 12-24 months and top up sessions available.


Reason 4

Compared to Zoom whitening and bleaching trays Ultima White laser teeth whitening is affordable and is guaranteed to work in 60 minute treatment.


Ultima White Kirtlington

Whether you are getting married, or attending a wedding function, it is very important that people see that you have made an effort. Often, as part of their wedding package we increasingly see brides, and grooms, have their teeth whitened so that they look their best, and that they can look back at their wedding photographs with pride.

With our service, the treatment will last well into the honeymoon as there is no need for repeat sessions. We also do not bleach your teeth and so you will not experience damage to them associated with chemicals. Moreover, the treatment is tailored specifically to suit your teeth, and your look. You are sure to look your best and have a perfect smile all day.