Smile bright with laser white teeth in 2015

Smile bright with laser white teeth

Many people are having yellow shades to their teeth, teeth are supposed to be white; however, there become yellow due to a number of reasons. Due to this many people hesitate to smile or smile with a closed mouth not wanting to display their teeth. Our smile is an indication of how healthy we feel and look. Dull teeth can lead to dull look and white teeth together with a bright smile makes us look happier. So let’s see how we can make ourselves look younger in 2015. There are many ways to whiten the yellow teeth with the latest being the laser whitening treatment. Britain has begun following the American belief that the secret to living younger and happier is in your bright smile. With the laser whitening method, you can smile bright and look younger in 2015.

Why do my teeth lose colour?

The tooth starts losing its colour due to a number of reasons—

Changing the mineral structure of an old aged person makes teeth darker since the pores in the enamel become less and phosphate deficient. Bacterial pigmentation, food, carotenoids or xanthonoids rich vegetables; Antibacterial medications can also cause stains on the teeth stains or reduction in the quality of enamel. Another major reason for teeth discolouring is by intake of coloured liquids such as coffee, tea, and red wine.

How can I make my teeth white?

Teeth can be whitened by three main ways

Toothpaste that contains hydrogen peroxide or anti-staining agents. This toothpaste is used daily by hundreds of people and costs slightly more than the regular toothpaste. Home-use bleaching kits, hydrogen peroxide solution are applied over the patients’ teeth at night for up to two weeks. These claim to lighten tooth colour by up to six or eight shades and are the second most popular treatment. The latest and most effective method is laser tooth whitening. A strong light is passed on to the tooth which is painted by a hydrogen peroxide solution. The light rays speed up the tooth lightening process.

You may have tried all the available methods to whiten teeth like bleaching gel, bleaching strips, natural bleaching, bleaching pen etc., and might have to wait for a longer time to see the results. It is quite obvious that we lose patience and gradually interest in trying out the older methods and see the results. We all want quick results and do not want to wait. Our wait is only going to reduce our self-confidence and this shown evidently in our smile. Goodbye to all those old methods and thanks to the laser method of teeth whitening to smile wide and look younger in 2015.

The most advanced, safe and effective method is the laser teeth whitening method which makes you smile confidently without hiding your teeth.

Lasers are used to quickly whiten your teeth, so you don’t need to wait for a month or two to see those sparkling whites. It takes only up to 15mins – 30mins to have those white teeth.

Though the laser whitening method assures you of white teeth it varies for each individual. Speak to your doctor about the effect you may have after the treatment. You have tried out all those traditional methods of the teeth whitening in the past year, now try the laser method to whiten your teeth and obtain the confident bright smile and look younger in 2015.

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