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Why the Bleaching trays take so long

Why the Bleaching trays take so long

Most of us would like a brighter, whiter smile. Not only does it make you look better, but it also boosts self-confidence. Let’s take a look at two teeth whitening methods; bleaching trays and laser whitening and understand why the Bleaching trays take so long.

Bleaching trays

Why the Bleaching trays take so longThese are either custom made by a dentist, or bought over the counter. The whitening gel is placed into the trays, and they are fitted over the upper and lower teeth. They are worn daily, for a number of hours, for approximately two weeks.

This method is obviously not a “quick fix” and is not recommended if you want to see instant results. The gel works slowly; whitening the teeth gradually, which is why the Bleaching trays take so long to work.

To speed up the process a higher concentration of whitener could be used in the gel. For first time users, a gel with 10% of whitener is recommended; however, there are products with more than 40%. The downside is that a higher percentage of Whitener increases the risk of side effects, such as tooth sensitivity and gum irritation.

Another disadvantage is the dedication, and time, required to wear the trays. If you have a hectic lifestyle, wearing them during the day might not be an option, alternatively, wearing them while sleeping might prove to be uncomfortable.

Laser Whitening

This procedure involves the teeth being painted with a bleaching product. This is activated by a laser, which also speeds up the process. The result is teeth which are up to ten times lighter.

It is painless, and the vast majority of people feel no discomfort. Some may experience minor sensitivity but this soon passes.

This is a much faster way to whiten your teeth. The whole procedure, including pre and post consultation, can take less than two hours. The laser whitening itself takes just 60 minutes but achieves results that last for up to two years.

So, if you are considering teeth whitening but undecided as to which procedure to use, hopefully, this has given you an insight into the benefits of laser whitening and explained why the Bleaching trays take so long to achieve the same results.

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