Ultima Teeth Whitening Oxfordshire 12 reasons

1.    Flexible appointments: including evenings and weekends in our clinics in Oxford, Abingdon or Banbury. Or have it done in the comfort of your home.
2.    We specialise in laser treatment: we are experts in laser teeth whitening
3.    Locations across Oxon: you don’t need to travel or have it done at home.
4.    Excellent service standards: before and after consultation
5.    Fast and effective teeth whitening: one hour one session
6.    Long lasting: no need for repeat sessions
7.    Non bleach treatment: no damage to your teeth
8.    We tailor our service to your needs: different gels for heavy staining and sensitivity
9.    One visit: pre consultation, treatment and post consultation taking 1hour and 45 minutes typically
10.    Trained, certified and insured consultants: offering you safety, confidence and
11.    Competitive prices: discounts for two or more people
12.    Guaranteed results


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Good Job

On my b’day my wife gave me a surprise by booking an appointment with ultima white. This could be the best gift ever. The best smile from the best wife in the world!!

– Jake