Ultimate White

Laser teeth whitening in our hour

Yes in just one 60 minute laser teeth whitening session you will see noticeably different and whiter teeth from Ultima White guaranteed and amazing.

No pain and safe whitening peroxide free

We offer a safe non peroxide whitening system which provides you with a white smile without the pain of sensitivity and having to wait weeks for the results.

One appointment and long lasting results

With laser teeth whitening the big benefit is the instant results you see in just one 60 minute treatment. Results last 12-24 months and top up sessions available.

Affordable whitening and amazing guaranteed results

Compared to Zoom whitening and bleaching trays Ultima White laser teeth whitening is affordable and is guaranteed to work in 60 minute treatment.

Ultima White Oxfordshire latest laser teeth whitening. Ultimate whiteness, Ultimate speed only 60 minutes and Ultimate convenience.

Why Ultimate White for Laser Teeth Whitening in Oxfordshire

Why Ultimate White for Laser Teeth Whitening in Oxfordshire First impressions count – and nothing says ‘look at me’ more than a smile full of pearly white teeth. Unfortunately, no matter how much you clean your teeth or how carefully, life tends to make them discoloured. Drinking tea and coffee, red wine and smoking, along with natural factors such as age, all lead to them losing that white finish they started off with. Movie stars and celebrities have long used techniques such as laser teeth whitening to give them a flawless appearance, both on film and in public, however now you too can give everyone you meet a dazzling smile. Whether for a special occasion, such as your wedding, or just to improve your day to day appearance, a bright white smile boosts both your confidence and your look.

So why choose laser whitening?

Just imagine your wedding photos, the best day of your life, stunning dresses and dashing suits, and your superstar smile in the middle of it all.

A day to remember, with a dazzling smile to remember too.

Or that important job interview. You’ve thoroughly prepared for all those tricky questions and picked out your best suit, now be prepared to dazzle the interviewers with your fantastic bright white smile.

Little says, “I take pride in my work” more than someone who also takes such obvious pride in their appearance

So whether your smile needs a lift for a big event, or just because you need a boost to know your appearance really is fantastic, laser teeth whitening is for you.

One simple quick treatment with our proven safe technique can turn your smile from dull to dazzling! Affordable, achievable, pearly white teeth really are just an hour’s treatment away! Check out our 12 reasons on why to get your teeth whitening.